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Chicago says no to U.S. intervention in Syria

By staff |
June 26, 2013
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Speaker at Chicago protest against U.S. war on Syria
Speaker at Chicago protest against U.S. war on Syria (photo by Holly Kent-Payne)

Chicago, IL - Anti-war activists and Syrians again gathered in Federal Plaza here, June 25, to protest U.S. intervention in Syria. According to Kait McIntyre, “The Anti-War Committee of Chicago called a series of protests after President Obama announced he would be sending weapons to the rebels fighting the government of Bashar Assad.”

The protest today included members of the ANSWER Coalition, as well as the Syrian American Forum (SAF). Rawa Serieh read a statement from the SAF, that closed by saying, “Our community and supporters are raising their voice asking the administration: Stop all kinds of lethal and non-lethal support to armed elements and groups in Syria; Don’t intervene militarily in Syria; and that any U.S. role be directed at supporting dialogue and a political solution only by Syrians themselves, and for Syrians.”

A half dozen young Arab men were in attendance in counter-protest, and were confronted on their support for U.S. intervention by the anti-war activists, especially the Syrians amongst them.