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Twin Cities protests growing U.S. intervention in Syria

By staff |
June 21, 2013
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Marie Braun speaking at protest against U.S. war on Syria
Marie Braun speaking at protest against U.S. war on Syria (Fight Back! News/Staff)

St Paul, MN – Holding signs and banners, about 40 people gathered, June 19, on Lake Street Bridge which spans the Mississippi River to say no to the growing U.S. war on Syria. Passing cars honked in support of their message.

Marie Braun, told the gathering, "It is a very important time for the peace community to speak out against war and continued military involvement in the Middle East. And the American people are tired of war. A recent New York Times poll reported that 62% of respondents do not support U.S. participation in another military intervention. However, despite this opposition, the talk of safe zones, no-fly zones and supplying lethal weapons to rebel groups in Syria continues. War is the ultimate human rights violation and expanded U.S. military intervention in Syria will not lead to peace, justice or democracy for the Syrian people. It can only lead to a greater civilian death toll, more refugees and further destabilization in the region."

Meredith Aby said, "The Obama administration is also considering a ‘no fly zone’ which is discussed by politicians as an alternative to military intervention when in actuality it is warfare. Many of us worked together in solidarity with the people of Iraq. And in that war we say that the U.S./UN no fly zone in Iraq stripped the sovereignty of Iraq by prohibiting the government from flying even domestic aircraft in its own country. The U.S. Air Force conducted daily bombing campaigns which terrorized the civilian population. A no fly zone might sound better than military invasion, but it is in matter of fact the taking over of a country by controlling its airspace. It is critical that when you call the White House to say no weapons to Syria that you also say, ‘no to a no fly zone’ too."

The weekly peace vigil is sponsored by: Women Against Military Madness End War Committee and Twin Cities Peace Campaign. The June 19 vigil was endorsed by the Anti-War Committee.