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So, You Think You Can Organize?

By staff |
December 11, 2013
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Jared Hamil and Marisol Marquez's workshop on "Organizing a Protest" (Fight Back!News/Staff) Jared Hamil and Marisol Marquez's workshop on "Organizing a Protest" .

Miami, FL- On Dec. 7, about 20 anti-war activists attended a workshop entitled, “So, You Think You Can Organize?” that was put on by People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism, and Racism (POWIR). The event took place at in the Graham Center at Florida International University and included presentations by organizers in POWIR, Students for a Democratic Society and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).

The event was meant to equip activists with the skills needed to become effective organizers. Presentations included: “How to Make an Effective Flyer,” “How to Work the Media,” and “Organizing a Successful Campaign.”

“There are folks who believe a protest in and of itself is sufficient,” said Jared Hamil of FRSO during his presentation on organizing a campaign. “We see protests as extremely important aspects of what should otherwise be prolonged campaigns that are organized to accomplish a set goal.”

Some key points that attendees took from the presentations included:

  • For any protest, make a large banner with your message clearly stated on it
  • When talking to the media, speak in short sound-bites and repeat your message
  • All flyers should include your group name, contact information and slogan

“Now you won’t just show up to these protests - you’re going to organize them,” said Cassia Laham, an organizer with POWIR, at the end of the event. “Let’s turn all of this newly acquired knowledge into action!”