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French embassy in Beirut hit with eggs, protest demands release of George Abdallah

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January 20, 2013
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The Lebanese media outlet Al Manar reports that hundreds of protesters gathered by the French embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Jan. 18, to demand that French authorities release the long-held political prisoner George Ibrahim Abdullah. Protesters threw eggs and tomatoes at the embassy building.

Abdallah’s family and friends took part in the protest, as did delegations from Hezbollah and the Communist Party of Lebanon.

Abdallah, who was to be released on Jan. 14, has spent the last 28 years in French jails. Observers believe that U.S. pressure is responsible for his prolonged confinement.

In the course of the Beirut protest, a taped message from Abdallah was played in which he hailed the Lebanese resistance and all the resistance movements against Israel.