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Salt Lake City protests the growing threat of war

By Alyssa Ferris |
June 29, 2012
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Anti war protesters in Salt Lake City
Anti war protesters in Salt Lake City (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Salt Lake City, UT – On June 28, over two dozen activists gathered outside the Federal Building here to protest the war threats against Syria and Iran.

“We are here to protest the growing threat of war. Previous imperialist wars in the last decade have caused the death of millions - for example the war in Iraq,” said Travis Gray, one of the activists. “In 2011 the federal government spent 52% of the federal budget on the military. This money could be spent on education, free health care or other programs that are beneficial to the people.”

Activists carried signs that read “No war on Iran” and “Hands off Syria and Iraq! End the drone wars now!” The group chanted slogans including, “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation,” “Troops out now!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, these imperialist wars have got to go!”