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Minneapolis anti-war protests says no to war on Syria, Iran

By staff |
June 26, 2012
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Minneapolis protest against U.S. intervention in Syria and Iran.
Minneapolis protest against U.S. intervention in Syria and Iran. (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Meredith Aby, of the Twin Cities based Anti War Committee, condemns U.S. interve
Meredith Aby, of the Twin Cities based Anti War Committee, condemns U.S. intervention in Middle East.

Minneapolis, MN - More than 75 people joined an emergency protest here, June 26 at the Federal Building, to speak out against the growing danger of new U.S. wars and military interventions. The protest was organized under the call: “No New Wars – No U.S. War in Iran and Syria – End the Drone Wars.”

Linda Hoover of the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition told protesters, “The U.S. wars of aggression around the world are wars of destruction. There is nothing humanitarian about NATO or the CIA killing folks.”

A statement issued by organizers says in part, “We are facing an explosion of U.S. militarism. In recent weeks there have been growing warnings of new U.S. wars and interventions in Iran and Syria, an escalating number of drone attacks, especially in Pakistan as well as in Yemen.” The statement goes on to say, “Just this weekend there have been reports that the U.S. military is planning new attacks inside of Pakistan. Instead of ending the wars, the U.S. government is increasing the level of military intervention around the world. We say enough is enough! No more wars. No more bloodshed. People need funds for housing, education and jobs, not more wars.”

The statement continues, “Even as the U.S. government talks of ‘ending the war’ in Afghanistan, the U.S. and current government of Afghanistan have signed agreements to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan until 2024 - another 12 years.”

The organizers’ statement concludes, “U.S. intervention is always portrayed as being against terrorism, defending human rights, or against weapons of mass destruction. If nothing else has been learned in the past ten years, we should all know, U.S. wars are not fought for lofty goals, but instead are to support economic and political interests having nothing to do with concern for the people of the countries being attacked.”

Speaking to the protest, Marie Braun of the Twin Cites Peace Campaign said, “The new weapon of choice for U.S. policy makers appears to be drones...drones which can bomb unsuspecting targets in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, or anywhere else in the world.”

Plans for the event where initiated by the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition and endorsed by the Anti-War Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Mayday Books, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Socialist Action, Veterans for 
Peace, Welfare Rights Committee and Women Against Military Madness.

The anti-war protest in Minneapolis was one of 25 taking place in cities around the U.S. during the week of June 23-July 1. Anti-war protests are scheduled in Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Columbus, OH, Boston, MA, Northampton, MA, Hartford, CT, Albany, NY, Syracuse, NY, Buffalo, NY, New York City, Brooklyn, NY, Rochester, NY, Jersey City, NJ, Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC, Tallahassee, FL, Colorado Springs, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Durham, NC, Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, Fresno, CA, and Vancouver, Canada.

Speaking at the end of the protest, Meredith Aby of the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition and the Anti-War Committee urged participation in the upcoming protests at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. A massive protest is planned for the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 27.