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Communist Party of the Philippines condemns docking of USS Louisville

By staff |
June 26, 2012
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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemned the Aquino regime and the US government for the docking of another US submarine in Subic Bay a few weeks after a similar docking by another American nuclear submarine roused nationalist opposition and protests from various sectors. The docking took place amid US government efforts to increase its military presence and strengthen its hegemonic domination in the Asia-Pacific.

The USS Louisville, an attack submarine capable of launching nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, docked yesterday at Subic Bay (north of Manila) purportedly for repairs and resupply, and to provide rest and recreation for its crew. It will remain in Subic Bay until 30

The USS Louisville is among the most advanced military transport and is capable of 14,000 miles submerged high-speed transit from the Pacific Ocean to the Red Sea. It can launch anti-ship missiles from a distance of 130 kilometers, Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles with a range of 3,100 kilometers, and other weapons of mass destruction. The USS Louisville was used to fire Tomahawk missiles in the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

"The Aquino regime does not even have the integrity to subject the US nuclear-submarine to independent inspection in line with the provision of its own constitution prohibiting the entry of nuclear weapons in Philippine territory," said the CPP.

"Aquino and his coterie of Amboy officials seem to have been too busy gawking open-mouthed at the sight of a nuclear submarine that they have forgotten to even raise the matter of whether the USS Louisville or any of the US military submarines or warships entering Philippine
territory abides by its own 1987 constitution."

"In allowing the US military to dock its submarine within Philippine waters, the Aquino regime serves the US government's objective of using the Philippines as a platform to advance its geo-political objective of establishing its military and political domination in the Asia-Pacific region."

"The Aquino regime likes to portray the buildup of US military strength in the Asia-Pacific as favorable to Philippine sovereignty claims over the Spratly Islands and other South China Sea features," said the CPP. "This is outright deception because, in fact, the biggest violator of Philippine sovereignty is the US government and military itself, with the connivance of its puppet Aquino regime."

"By allowing the US military to use the Philippines as a platform for its hegemonism in the Asia-Pacific region, the Aquino government has basically surrendered the Philippines' prerogative to determine who are its friends or enemies, and has kowtowed to the US government's geo-political alignments," added the CPP.