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Statement of Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the passing of Comrade Ernesto Bustillos

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization |
April 2, 2012
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement by Freedom Road Socialist Organization of the passing of Ernesto Bustillos

Brothers and sisters,

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Comrade Ernesto Bustillos. We send our condolences to the leadership and members of Unión Del Barrio, his friends and his family. He devoted the entirety of his life to building the struggle for the emancipation of the oppressed. He will be missed and always remembered.

Comrade Ernesto Bustillos was an outstanding revolutionary who made many contributions to the struggle to liberate the Chicano and Mexicano peoples and he was an internationalist who fought to shatter the chains of imperialism and exploitation. His tireless activism should serve as an example to all of us as we continue the battle for liberation.

Ernesto was a founding member of Union del Barrio and he worked to form the Raza Press Association, the Association of Raza Educators and other people’s organizations. He was instrumental in the reformation of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee in 1989-90, which held the 20-year commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium. This event helped to reaffirm our history of anti-war activism and solidarity with oppressed people of the world.

The spirit of Comrade Ernesto Bustillos will live on in the fight to free La Raza and wherever the oppressed step forward to fight the oppressor.

Comrade Ernesto Bustillos presente!