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Indiana workers say “What’s disgusting? Indiana union busting!”

Commentary by J Burger |
January 22, 2012
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Indianapolis, IN - The rich and powerful, also known as the 1%, are at it again in Indiana. Under the claim of trying to bring more jobs to Indiana, the Republican majorities in both houses and the governor look to pass a so called ‘right to work’ bill soon. It is straight up union busting. The first week of January, the Democratic caucus remained out of the State House, preventing the union-busting bill from being brought up.

Republicans have passed a bill that fines any politician $1000 a day for not showing up. I don’t know if this applies, say, if the entire Democratic caucus all got the flu or some other nasty something. None the less, the pressure is a lot tougher, supposedly, for the politicians, which is leading some Democrats to say it is best to argue against the ‘right to work for less’ bill from the floor of the House - even though the Republicans have said they have the votes to pass the union-busting measure.

The right to work for less legislation would make it illegal for a union and a company to bargain in its contract that a person who works for the company must pay dues as a condition of employment. Think this sounds okay? A lot of people do and they are confused. No one really likes getting forced to do things. But this isn’t really about that. It is about attacking working people’s organizations. If you work at a union shop, you benefit from the collective fights and struggles of the sisters and brothers that have come before you. Being a free rider ain't cool. Remember, you don't get something for nothing.

Oddly, the Republicans push this as if it somehow works for people, yet the Economic Policy Institute has wasted their arguments, saying essentially there is no economic benefit to the state and workers tend to earn $1500/yr less as a result. Sounds familiar? This 1% solution is just a disgusting union busting strategy in play. It also runs counter to their entire rap about big government meddling in everything. So, why is it cool to meddle here? You probably know the answer.

Unions and allies from throughout the state have been mobilizing for the past two weeks with round the clock lobbying and ‘occupations’ in the State House. Stay tuned for the battle yet to come.