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Dallas marches on May Day

By staff |
May 3, 2011
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Marching In Dallas May 1
Marching In Dallas May 1 (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Dallas, TX - About 80 activists, union members and socialists came together to celebrate May Day with a call for respect for the rights of workers and immigrants.

The May 1 march was organized by El Centro College Students for a Democratic Society and endorsed by Communications Workers of America Local 6201, Dallas Stage Employees Local 127, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 20, the League of United Latin American Citizens and many others.

An energetic crowd gathered at 2:00 in front of the Kennedy Memorial and marched down Main Street to the Main Street Garden Park chanting slogans. The downtown restaurant crowd stopped and watched. One restaurant owner offered the marchers free cigarettes. A passerby raised her fist in salute.

At the park, the crowd gathered to hear speeches and eat barbecue. Although the sky was gray, the rain held off until after the rally.

Stephen Benavides, with El Centro College Students for a Democratic Society, said, "Labor is under attack in this country. Immigrants are under attack in this country. We are facing a divide and conquer strategy, and we must unite to defeat it." Speakers represented local unions, LULAC, and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and many others.