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Sheriffs forced to back off eviction try at Occupy Minneapolis

Occupation at People’s Plaza will continue
By staff |
December 3, 2011
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Minneapolis, MN - Occupy Minneapolis won a real victory, Dec. 2, when Hennepin County Sheriffs and security guards were forced to abandon their plans to remove the possessions of occupiers, including tarps, bedding, tables, chairs, signs and banners from People’s Plaza.

States Occupy participant Monique Tenison, “Occupy Minneapolis prevailed today in our refusal to move all of our property off the Plaza. Around 11:30 a.m. the sheriffs were gathered at the county building doors and eventually retreated. We found out that they retreated due the commissioners calling off the order made to the sheriffs to start removing our belongings at 10 a.m. This is a result of us maintaining our stand and not leaving when told to do so. When rules are made by the county that do not allow basic needs for occupy protesters to continue assemble thought the cold Minnesota winter, that is a violation of our constitutional rights.”

This morning the county gave notice that “unattended items” would be taken away, the implication being that anything that was not being physically held by a person would be removed. Sheriffs made threats throughout the morning and early afternoon, and then massed to move on the occupation.

Due to the determination of the Occupiers and a huge call-in campaign to county commissioners, the sheriffs were forced to back off.

“We won,” said occupy participant Sarah Martin. “They were trying to bring the occupation of People’s Plaza to an end and they did not succeed. We will continue to speak out for the rights of the 99%.”

This attempt to end the Occupation in Minneapolis has failed. Tonight occupiers will be spending the night on People’s Plaza.