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Gainesville protest against church that vowed to burn Korans to go forward

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September 9, 2010
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Gainesville, FL - Despite an announcement by Pastor Terry Jones that he will not burn Qur’ans Sept. 11, organizers of the counter-protest against racism and anti-Muslim bigotry say they will go ahead with their rally and march.

Jared Hamil, of the Gainesville Area Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), stated, “Just because the Dove World Outreach Center decided not to burn Qu'rans doesn't mean that Islamophobia and racism have disappeared. There's still hate and bigotry in the world that we need to fight against and Gainesville Area SDS vows to be at the forefront of that fight.”

Fernando Figueroa of Gainesville Area SDS hailed the announced cancelation of the Qur’an-burning as a victory, stating, "This is a victory for the world's progressive people in general and the Gainesville community in particular. Gainesville Area SDS has shown that our communities have the power to win against the hatred, racism and bigotry of a handful of people. On Saturday we will fight onwards to the next victory."

Figueroa also stated that the progressive movement needs to keep in mind that the pastor might go back on his word or that other anti-Muslim bigots might burn Korans on Sept. 11.

According to some press reports, a small reactionary church in Kansas has announced plans to burn Qur’ans.