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Year in review

Some of the top Fight Back! stories of 2010

By staff |
December 31, 2010
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Here we will take the occasion of the end of the year to look back at some of the most important stories of the past year on the Fight Back! website. It has definitely been a year full of struggle and conflict - and Fight Back! News has been there on the front lines with on-the-spot reporting and timely analysis.

As 2010 ends and a new year begins, we look back to learn from the past and to get inspiration to continue and expand the struggle in 2011. If there are other articles you liked that aren’t listed here, leave a comment!

Government Repression of the Anti-War & International Solidarity Movements

Homeland Security harasses Haiti activists by Tom Burke, January 2010

Facebook censors Ricardo Palmera group by Josh Sykes, July 2010

Activists denounce FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists homes; Subpoenas, searches, and FBI visits carried out in cities across the country by Staff, September 24, 2010

FRSO statement condemning FBI Raids, Grand Jury witch hunt by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, October 2010

New York meeting builds movement against Grand Jury, FBI repression of anti-war activists by Maureen Murphy, November 2010

Statement from Angela Davis against FBI and Grand Jury repression, November 2010

The Continuing Crisis of Capitalism

MN foreclosure moratorium at Senate and House hearings by Staff, January 2010

St. Paul, MN protest demands moratorium on foreclosures, tax the rich, no cutbacks by Staff, February 2010

Parent responds to TV attack on school kids joining protest by Jess Sundin, March 2010

New Jersey protest demands banks be held responsible for housing crisis by David Hungerford, April 2010

Almost a million lose benefits while layoffs continue and businesses refuse to hire the unemployed by Masao Suzuki, June 2010

Labor Movement

UIC Graduate employees vote to authorize strike by Joe Iosbaker, February 2010

Tuscaloosa Crimson Ride bus drivers get first contract by Jenae Stainer, March 2010

Interview with Sal Rosselli, leader of National Union of Healthcare Workers Fight Back! reporters interviewed Sal Rosselli on April 21, 2010

One Nation' rally brings 175,000 to Washington, DC with demands for jobs, education, and civil rights by Kati Ketz, October 2010

Ongoing U.S. Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan

Afghan civilians in bus gunned down by U.S. troops by Kosta Harlan, April 2010

Leaked video shows U.S. military murdering over one dozen Iraqis by Kosta Harlan, April 2010

10 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan, U.S. occupation crumbling by Kosta Harlan, June 2010

U.S. scrambles to conceal video of Afghanistan massacre; Whistleblower fears for his life by Jacob Flom, June 2010

Occupation of Iraq to continue, we must oppose it: Interview with Meredith Aby, August 2010


Iran celebrates 31 years of sovereignty by Kosta Harlan, February 2010

Electric shock "trial," sickening violation of Ricardo Palmera’s human rights by Staff, March 2010

Serfs Emancipation Day celebrated in Tibet by Staff, March 2010

Revolutionaries Deal Setback to India’s ‘Operation Green Hunt’ by David Hungerford, April 2010

Minnesotans Protest the Zionist Lobby, AIPAC, and U.S. Aid to Israel by Meredith Aby, July 2010

Colombia Action Network says “No to U.S. bases in Colombia” by Colombia Action Network, August 2010

Chicagoan arrested calling for boycott of Israel’s Guantanamo by Staff, September 2010

Is the FARC-EP (really) a terrorist organization? by James Brittain, November 2010

Immigrant Rights Movement

Continuing the struggle for immigrant rights in 2010: Year one of the new administration saw change but not progress editorial by Fight Back! editors, February 2010

March 21 DC immigrant rights protest photo essay by Kosta Harlan, March 2010

Eyewitness Arizona: report from the frontlines by James Jordan, April 2010

Students take the streets of Arizona for immigrant rights and against racism by James Jordan, May 2010

Lines Drawn over SB1070 in Arizona by James Jordan, May 2010

Photo Essay: Over 250,000 march for immigrant rights in Los Angeles, denounce Arizona’s SB1070 by Kosta Harlan and Eric Gardner, May 1, 2010

Three North Carolina immigrant youth on hunger strike in Raleigh, demanding Senator Kay Hagan support DREAM Act by Kosta Harlan, June 2010

Say no to border militarization by Fight Back! Editors, July 2010

Jimmy John’s franchise owner condemns SB1070 under pressure from boycott by Brad Sigal, July 2010

Immigrant rights potesters confront baseball bigwigs, 5 arrested by Brad Sigal, August 2010

Right wing seeks to overturn historic Civil Rights case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark by Masao Suzuki, August 2010

Support the legalization of undocumented students and youth! statement by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, August 2010

Latino Chipotle workers speak out after mass immigration firings in Minnesota by Staff, December 2010

Oppressed Nationalities

MLK Day in Birmingham, saying no to war and poverty by Jenae Stainer, January 2010

Gainesville students demand justice for Kofi Adu-Brempong by Jared Hamil, April 2010

Hundreds rally, bogus charges against black student accused of stealing chicken nuggets dropped by Jacob Flom, July 2010

Over 1000 Chicanos march in East Los Angeles against war and racism by Carlos Montes, August 2010

Hundreds march against threatened Koran burning in Gainesville by Staff, September 2010

Manuel Jamines, Guatemalan day laborer killed by LA police by Staff, September 2010

Waukesha SDS stands up to campus racism by Chance Zombor, October 2010

On the passing of Ray Sosa, an outstanding community leader and revolutionary by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, November 2010

Education Rights Movement

March 4 education protests rock the nation by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, March 2010

UCLA: Students storm administration building by Eric Gardner, March 2010

Interview with FRSO student leader on the campus movement and October 7 protests, September 2010

SDS holds 5th National Convention, lays plans to build student movement by Mike Gold, October 2010

October 7: Thousands across the country protest against cuts to education by Chapin Gray, October 2010

LGBTQ Movement

Hundreds march in Asheville to protest hate crimes by Jeremy Miller, May 2010

Target targeted for contribution to anti-gay and anti-immigrant candidate Tom Emmer by Brad Sigal, August 2010

Women’s Movement

International Women’s Day celebrated in Minneapolis by Staff, March 2010


Make BP pay! Florida protests Gulf Oil spill by Fernando Figueroa, May 2010


Why communists love the World Cup by Foster Richards, June 2010

Review of Capitalism: A Love Story by Doug Michel, October 2010