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National call-in campaign to stop foreclosure of Leslie Parks’ home

By staff |
November 24, 2009
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Linden Gawboy (left) with Leslie Parks (center)
Linden Gawboy (left) with Leslie Parks (center) (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN - Friends, neighbors and supporters of Leslie Parks, a longtime resident of south Minneapolis who is facing foreclosure, gathered in front of her home Nov. 19, to demand that her mortgage holder - IndyMac - come to the table and reach an agreement that allows Parks to remain in her home.

Linden Gawboy, of the Minnesota Coalition for a People's Bailout announced a national call in campaign to pressure IndyMac. The campaign has the backing of the Network to Fight for Economic Justice.

The following call is being circulated by the Network to Fight for Economic Justice:

Save Leslie Parks' home!


IndyMac/One West - the company trying to steal another home from our community.

1. Steven Mnuchin - One West Bank chairman of the board of directors: 212-301-8400.

2. IndyMac/One West: 800-669-2300, then hit 3 (directory), then zero for operator, who refers you to "Corporate Customer Experience." Leave a message, which "will be returned in 24 hours." Direct this message to CEO Terry Laughlin.

Explain you are calling about the Parks property at 3749 Park Ave in Minneapolis. Tell them to quit stalling and come to the table - before the redemption period ends on Nov. 30 - so the Parks family can keep their home. Ms. Parks has secured enough financing for a viable "short sale," and her offer should be accepted.

Also, make the point that they are reaping a corrupt "benefit" from the fraudulent practice of a mortgage broker that sold Tecora Parks on an ARM on behalf of IndyMac. They are making money off of a swindle. We are sick of banks wrecking our communities.

IndyMac thinks it can make big bucks trying to steal this home, but it won't, because Leslie Parks has no intention of giving up!

Background info:

Leslie Parks lives in south Minneapolis. Her family has owned the building for nearly 20 years. Because of needing to pay for city-ordered storm windows, Leslie’s mother was swindled into getting an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). The man from Allied Mortgage who sold her the ARM lied and insisted it was a conventional loan. It is important to note that Ms. Parks had perfect credit and qualified for a conventional loan hands down. But she was lied to, got swindled into an ARM, and after months of trying to keep up, both Leslie and her mother lost their good credit and went into foreclosure.

Time is short. The 'redemption period' ends Nov. 30. If nothing changes, at that point IndyMac can start eviction proceedings.

OneWest/IndyMac Federal Bank FSB is the bank that owns the mortgage. Some IndyMac reps are claiming that they won't do a "short payoff" during the redemption period. Leslie is working on securing financing and actually has enough for a viable short payoff, if only IndyMac would agree. "I feel like IndyMac is giving us the runaround again, like have done since the beginning," states Leslie Parks. Advocates have noted that it is common for banks to agree so some kind of short sale during the redemption period.

The FDIC stepped in to bail out the IndyMac investors and gifted the bank to OneWest. In this time of economic crisis, we need to make it clear that it’s time that the people get some help.

Contact us and let us know you called IndyMac/OneWest...

Network to Fight for Economic Justice
[email protected]