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New York:

Tens of Thousands March Against the War on Oct. 27

by Brad Sigal |
November 2, 2007
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Banner that says, "From Iraq, Lebanon to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!"
Anti-war march in New York City on October 27. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

New York, NY - Despite lots of rain, organizers reported that tens of thousands of people marched here, Oct. 27, against the war on Iraq. The march was one of eleven regional anti-war protests around the U.S.

The two mile march began at 23rd Street and Broadway Avenue in Manhattan, and continued down Broadway to Foley Square, near City Hall. The march included many neighborhood-based contingents, and included groups from Queens, Brooklyn, uptown Manhattan, New Jersey, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and more. There were also spirited contingents of Iraq war veterans, students, union members and others. The march ended with a Peace and Justice Festival in Foley Square, where dozens of groups that do anti-war organizing set up information tables.