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August 18 mass protest called by LA immigrant rights movement

by staff |
August 13, 2007
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Los Angeles, CA - “The struggle continues for legalization and to beat back the new attacks of the Bush administration, including the new policy of beefing up ICE enforcement at worksites and further militarization the border,” says Carlos Montes, one of the organizers of the planned Aug. 18 mass march for immigrant rights. The L.A. march will start at noon at Olympia and Broadway. Large-scale civil disobedience is set for the same week

The groups organizing the protest include the March 25 Coalition, the May 1 National Movement, Hermandad Mexicana Trans-Nacional, and Latinos Against the War.

A statement from the organizers says, “With immigration reform legislation apparently dead for this congressional year, immigrant rights leaders in Los Angeles and nearby counties are gearing up efforts to mount the struggle for immigration reform, that is the national efforts to empower the 13 to 15 million undocumented immigrants and their families throughout the presidential campaign.”