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3,000 U.S. Soldiers Dead in Iraq

Protesters looking for change in 2007
by Kate Percuoco and Tracy Molm |
January 5, 2007
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St Paul, MN - New Year’s Eve, an evening typically shared and celebrated with our loved ones was overshadowed this year as the death toll of U.S. soldiers serving in the Iraq war reached 3000. About 300 protesters gathered in Minneapolis at the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge that spans the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and St. Paul on the evening of Jan.1. It was one of 300 other organized events across the country.

The protesters braved the cold winter night holding candles and signs to send a message that troops need to be brought home now. Signs read, “Not one more death - not one more dollar,” and called for an end to the U.S war. Many at the bridge shared New Year’s greetings, most expressed hope that the New Year would bring change to Iraq and an end to the occupation.

A statement issued by organizers says, in part, “How many U.S. soldiers and Iraqis must lose their lives before our government finally admits that the war was wrong and it is time to bring the troops home? On this New Year’s weekend, we will mourn the loss of Iraqi and U.S. lives and rededicate ourselves to working for an end to the war in 2007.”

Organizer Mike Perkins from Military Families Against the War said, “It’s New Year’s Day - we should be spending it with our families not worrying about how another family has lost someone they love.” The sentiment of the people on the bridge was shared as hundreds of cars honked as they drove past those standing on the bridge.

Local organizations sponsoring the vigil included the Anti-War Committee, Twin Cities Peace Campaign-Focus on Iraq, Women Against Military Madness, Iraq Peace Action Coalition, Military Families Speak Out and others.