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300,000 March Against War in D.C.

by Tom Burke |
November 1, 2005
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Hundreds of Thousands March against War in Iraq
Hundreds of thousands marched in Washington D.C. demanding the U.S. get out of Iraq. Protesters also called for a U.S. withdrawal from Colombia, “Hands off Venezuela,” and voiced support for the people of Palestine. (Fight Back! News/Anh Pham)

Washington, DC - 300,000 rallied and marched here, Sept. 24, to oppose the continuing U.S. war and occupation in Iraq, a turnout stunning even the organizers. In the largest anti-war protest in Washington D.C. since the Vietnam era, marchers at the White House chanted, “No blood for oil! U.S. out of Iraq!” Many took pictures of friends or family holding anti-war signs in front of the empty White House.

President Bush had evacuated the White House earlier, faced by the flood of protesters criticizing the Iraq war and his failure to act during the hurricane Katrina disaster. In Iraq, Bush’s occupation is going from bad to worse, as the Iraqi resistance gains strength, hitting harder and more effectively. The U.S. puppet government in Iraq is corrupt and unable to rule.

On Pennsylvania Avenue, the anti-war movement was big, broad and bold. A Bolivarian Contingent formed by Colombia Action Network and the U.S. Bolivarian Circles marched alongside the Minnesota-based Anti-War Committee and Palestinian solidty groups with a Palestinian flag as big as a bus. All joined together chanting, “Venezuela, Palestine, Colombia, Iraq! U.S. out! Don’t come back!” and, “Bush, Bush, Bush! Out, out, out!” Hundreds of people joined the contingent, chanting and livening up the crowds. Young Latino militants chuckled seeing older white women take up their chant of, “Bush! You liar! We’ll set your pants on fire!” Across America, people will take this powerful march back to share with others and build a movement to get the U.S. out now.