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Strike Solidarity Rally at U of MN Targets Scabs

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August 30, 2005
People on picket line
2005/04/nwarally0830.htm (Fight Back! News/Brad Sigal)
AFSCME banner in support of NWA stiking machinists
NWA striking machinists on picket line

Minneapolis, MN - More than 200 public employees, Aircraft mechanics and other workers rallied here, August 30, to support the strike at Northwest Airlines. Initiated by AFSCME Local 3800, the clerical workers union at the University of Minnesota, the protest targeted scabs who are housed near campus. A large number of the participants were members of AMFA, the union of striking airline mechanics.

The strike is entering its second week. No negotiations are scheduled. Northwest is trying to destroy AMFA. Phyllis Walker, the president of AFSCME 3800 told the rally that the fight of AMFA is the fight of workers everywhere, and it is vital that the labor movement supports this battle.