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Protest against wave of Israeli repression in Palestine

by staff |
October 6, 2005
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Minneapolis, MN - The Anti-War Committee organized an emergency protest here Oct. 4 in response to stepped-up Israeli repression in occupied Palestine.

Since Sept. 24, Israeli military forces carried out over 18 aerial bombardments and numerous raids against houses and vehicles carrying Palestinian activists. These incursions have resulted in the detention of more than 400 Palestinians.

Detentions are targeting scores of Palestinian civilians, including religious figures, politicians, community leaders, academics, journalists, student activists and nominees for the third round of municipal elections that happened Sept. 29 in the West Bank. These actions by Israel are aimed at interfering with Palestinian elections and politics.

At the same time, Israeli military forces continue increasingly dangerous attacks on the Gaza Strip. Their aerial bombardment campaign targets civilians throughout Gaza, as well as two bridges in the town of Beit Hanoun. Additionally, Israeli F-16 fighter jets carry out mock air raids, causing a state of fear among civilians.

"These latest incursions are what many Palestinians feared would happen after the Israeli disengagement from settlements in Gaza. Now all Palestinians’ worst fears are true as Israeli attacks become more violent against the all Palestinians in Gaza," said Anti-War Committee member Tracy Molm.

All this happens under the shadow of the apartheid wall. One year after the International Court of Justice found Israel’s wall built on occupied Palestinian territory to be illegal, Israel continues its construction of the wall. Israel continues to expand Jewish colonies in the West Bank and is now in effect annexing large parts of the West Bank by means of the wall.


The U.S. sends roughly $6 billion in military and other aid to Israel every year. Anti-War Committee member Erika Zurawski said, "U.S. aid to Israel funds the human rights violations that happened in Gaza last week and continue to happen every day with checkpoints, torture and the wall." The Anti-War Committee demands an end to U.S. aid to Israel until it ends the occupation of all Arab lands, dismantles the wall and recognizes the human rights and political rights of Palestinians.