Monday February 8, 2016
| Last update: Sunday at 8:28 PM

Fight Back! Website Redesign

Fight Back! News is proud to announce the launch of our new web site!

Front page screenshotThe new has been designed from the ground up to make news from the people’s struggle accessible to our diverse audience around the world. These are some of the changes you'll see:

A Clean New Layout

 As Fight Back!’s network of activists and writers expands, we publish more and more articles. Our new site is designed so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for as soon as you arrive.

Improved Navigation

 It's now much easier to find articles through a new navigation system that is categorized by departments. To see all of our articles about the Antiwar Movement, for example, just visit its department page by navigating to "People's Struggles -> Antiwar". This is a great way to find articles in our archive that are no longer on the front page. Convenient drop-down menus make all of our content available from any page on the site.

Antiwar Movement department page

Article Search

 In addition to better navigation, the new site has a built-in search feature. Just enter your query in the search box that appears on every page, and the entire site can be searched in an instant.


 Fight Back! News is a people’s news source, so we wanted to make sure that the community has a voice on our web site. Every news article now supports comments, and anyone can post. You must register to post comments. We ask our readers to be respectful of each other and follow the Guidelines for Comments.

Article Sharing Tools

 News is meant to be shared, so we have made it easier to share our articles around the web. Built-in tools make it easy to share our news stories through email, Facebook and other social networks, or by printing out paper copies.

Article Sharing tools

Stay in Touch

 Fight Back! has correspondents across the United States reporting on the latest developments in the people's struggles. To stay on top of breaking news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or join our email list.

Social Networking buttons


 We hope you find these new features useful! Questions, comments, and feedback about the new site can be directed to the webmaster. We welcome your opinions and suggestions about the new site's design and functionality. Please leave a comment on this page to let us know what you think.


Yours in struggle,

Fight Back! Web Team



kosta wrote 6 years 17 weeks ago

A more technical write-up

Those interested in a more technical write-up should read this article, Case Study: Fight Back! Newspaper Re-Launched Using Drupal. It details the open source technology used in building this website.

rixiobarrios wrote 6 years 19 weeks ago


Glad to see all my buddies here... the website looks amazing, a more democratic design...

Keep on trucking comrads!!

Doug wrote 6 years 19 weeks ago

Love the new site!

Wow, what a difference from the old one! I especially like the social networking option because most of my activist friends are on Facebook a lot - it's always inspiring to see another important struggle on your news feed. I'm going to share this with everyone I know!

joshsykes wrote 6 years 19 weeks ago


The new design is great! Much more user friendly, and sharp! The new comment feature is a welcome addition.

kosta wrote 6 years 19 weeks ago

Welcome to the new site!

Hello and welcome to the new! Please feel free to add comments with feedback on the new website. If you encounter any problems, please contact us so we can fix them.