Tuesday July 29, 2014
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Anti War Committee banner at Gaza solidarity protest.
(Fight Back! News/Staff)
Saint Paul, MN - More than 200 people gathered at the busy intersection of Snelling and Summit Avenues here, July 25, to protest the continued war on Gaza and the U.S. support for the Israeli assault.
Fox Point, WI - 350 people gathered for a counter­demonstration against an ‘Israel Solidarity Gathering’ held at Congregation Shalom in the Milwaukee suburb of Fox Point, July 27. Supporters of Palestine gathered...
Minneapolis, MN - On July 26, dozens of Twin Cities activists gathered in South Minneapolis to support the University of Minnesota’s Students for a Democratic Society (UMN SDS) chapter in its push to promote and...
Naples, Fl - Naples, FL - In the early morning of July 16, one of Florida's biggest workplace raids led to 160 employees being investigated, with at least 16 under arrest.
Salt Lake City, UT - Over 100 people gathered in downtown here, July 25, to protest the Israeli military invasion of Gaza and the oppression of the Palestinian people.
Chicago, IL - A counter demonstration to the July 28 “Chicago Stands With Israel” rally is being organized by Coalition for Justice in Palestine.

Jacksonville press conference announcing campaign to get Corey out of office
On May 27, two dozen supporters gathered for a press conference announcing the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition's (JPC) campaign launch to get...
Miami protest against U.S. intervention in Iraq.
Over two dozen activists gathered at the Torch of Friendship in downtown here, June 21, to rally against U.S. intervention in Iraq.
Mazin Abulmeez of USF’s Students for Justice in Palestine
60 people gathered outside the office of U.S. Senator Bill Nelson at the Sam Gibbons Federal Courthouse July 11. They were there to demand Senator...
Milwaukee protest in solidarity with Palestine
Over 400 people rallied in solidarity with Palestinians who are resisting the wave of Israeli violence here, July 11.