Friday December 19, 2014
| Last update: Tuesday at 11:00 PM
Moscow, Russia - The delegation of U.S. anti-war activists met today, Dec. 16, with the Embassy of the State of Palestine Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Dr. Fa’ed Mustafa. Ambassador Mustafa agreed to the...
Jacksonville, Fl - On Dec. 15, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office returned some of the phones they seized from the 19 protesters who shut down the Hart Bridge last week.
United States - The Freedom Road Socialist Organization is pleased to present the Main Political Report, voted on and passed at our 7th Congress in the summer.
Belguim - Fight Back News Service is circulating the following communiqué of the Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB)
Gainesville, Fl - On Dec. 12, students and community members blocked the entrances to a basketball game between the University of Florida (UF) and Texas Southern University.

Salt Lake City protest against police terror
40 protesters waited in chilling weather for the Ferguson grand jury announcement.
Milwaukee protest slams killer cops
350 people took to the streets here, Nov. 25, upon hearing that Ferguson’s killer cop Darren Wilson was not indicted for the shooting of unarmed...
Asheville rally in solidarity with Ferguson.
Over 200 people gathered downtown here, Nov. 25 in front of the Vance Monument to protest the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the...
Huge march against police violence in Salt Lake City
More than 1000 people rallied in front of the Wallace Bennett Federal Building on Nov. 29 to stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson in their...