Wednesday June 3, 2020
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United States - Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Translation by Greg Butterfield of Struggle / La Lucha.
Laredo, TX - On May 30, 200 mostly working-class protesters took to the streets and in front of their city hall to unite in solidarity with Black sisters, brothers and comrades around the U.S.
New York, NY - On day five of the protests that have overtaken New York, one took place at the Stonewall Inn. On June 2 at 5 p.m., over 7000 protesters gathered at the historic location of the Stonewall Riots to...
Milwaukee, WI - The weekend has come and gone, but the uprising that began on Friday, May 29 has continued and grown. On June 2, the largest demonstration to date occurred, even in spite of the blistering heat and...
United States - On Monday, June 1, with protests over George Floyd’s murder in their seventh day, President Trump and Attorney General William Barr used violence to clear peaceful protesters near the White House.

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Carlos Montes, a longtime leader in the Chicano movement, spoke out about the vicious massacre in Texas, stating, “We must condemn this mass killing...
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Nine years ago, on September 24, 2010, the FBI raided and subpoenaed Midwest anti-war and international solidarity activists in a bogus attempt to...
In 1978, the Congreso de Artistas Chicanos de Aztlán (CACA) a collective of arti
September 16, 2019 marked the 50-year anniversary of Chicano Liberation Day.