Tuesday July 14, 2020
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Immigrants Rights

staff | Los Angeles, CA | 4/11/10
Fight Back! interviewed Carlos Montes about the importance of the May 1 immigrant & workers rights protests this year.
Anh Pham | Minneapolis, MN | 4/05/10
On April 2, immigrant rights activists here announced plans for a big march on May 1, International Workers Day.
Kosta Harlan | Washington, D.C. | 3/21/10
Tens of thousands gathered here for a massive immigrants rights protest, March 21. The mainly Latino demonstrators filled bocks of the National Mall.
staff | Washington, D.C. | 3/21/10
Tens of thousands of immigrants and supporters converged on the mall here, March 21, download the editorial distributed by Fight Back! here.
Carlos Montes | United States | 3/18/10
On to D.C. on March 21! Thousands of immigrants, supporters and activists will rally in Washington D.C. It’s time to demand legalization now for the 12...
Viviana Moreno | Chicago, IL | 3/15/10
Over 1000 young, undocumented immigrants and supporters gathered at Union Park here, March 10, followed by a march to “come out of the shadows.”
Brad Sigal | St. Paul, MN | 3/13/10
On March 10, a bill that would allow immigrants to get drivers licenses in Minnesota passed its first hurdle in a key vote. By a vote of 8-5-1, the "...
Brad Sigal | Saint Paul, MN | 3/04/10
The struggle for immigrants to be able to get drivers licenses in Minnesota is gaining steam.
Fight Back! Editors | United States | 2/12/10
The editors of Fight Back! think that support for the CIR-ASAP can help to rebuild the mass movement that is key to meaningful immigration reform. We...
Brad Sigal | Bloomington, MN | 11/24/09
On Monday morning, Nov. 23, a group of immigrant rights activists staged a guerrilla theater-style protest here to dramatically expose the racism and...