Wednesday January 20, 2021
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BY staff | Jacksonville, FL | 3/26/19
On March 24, over 50 people from the community, along with members of the Jacksonville Community Action Committee, gathered to remember the life of Vernell Bing Jr., an African American man gunned down by Officer Tyler Landreville of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in 2016.
BY Connell Crooms | Jacksonville, FL | 6/15/16
Over 50 community members gathered here, June 11, at 9th and Liberty Street to protest the police killing of Vernell Bing Jr.
BY Dave Schneider | Jacksonville, FL | 5/25/16
On May 22, a white deputy from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) murdered 22-year-old Vernell Bing Jr. in Springfield, one of the city's historic Black neighborhoods.
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