Thursday December 1, 2022
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BY Isabella Beaupré | Milwaukee, WI | 4/09/16
On April 6, members and affiliates of immigrant rights activist group United We Dream held actions around the country to raise awareness of a significant issue.
BY staff | Orlando, FL | 3/04/14
Gabriela Genova is a member of DREAMers Moms Orlando, Florida. Genova recently traveled from her home in Orlando to Phoenix, Arizona to join the United We Dream Congress and the hunger strike.
BY Sean Orr | United States | 2/14/14
During a visit to Capitol Hill, Feb. 3, the leadership of United We Dream (UWD), the largest network of Dreamer (undocumented youth) organizations in the U.S., announced that they might be willing to support the Republican Party’s new "Principles for Immigration Reform," if it meant that a bill would pass.
BY staff | Kansas City, MO | 12/05/12
600 students and youth attended the United We Dream National Congress here, the weekend of Nov. 30.
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