Friday February 15, 2019
| Last update: Friday at 8:42 AM
BY Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 1/24/19
Just one day after President Trump announced official recognition for the illegally self-inaugurated interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, a dozen activists rallied outside the downtown federal building, January 24.
BY Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 3/13/17
The Tucson Anti War Committee has organized an action for Thursday, March 16, at 5 p.m. at the Federal Building in downtown Tucson.
BY Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 10/25/16
About 35 Tucsonans rallied outside the federal building here, Oct. 21, to demand “Hands off Syria.”
BY Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 10/12/16
Eastside morning traffic was greeted by two dozen anti-war activists at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Oct. 11, with signs reading “Drones kill children” and “Drone attacks create terrorists.”
BY Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 11/22/15
50 Tucsonans issued a warm welcome to any future Syrian refugees. The Nov. 19 demonstration came in response to the Islamophobic statement made by Republic Governor Doug Ducey.
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