Thursday June 8, 2023
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BY Kosta Harlan | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/26/09
On April 23, about 100 students gathered for the second time in two weeks to oppose white supremacists organizing on the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s campus.
BY Kosta Harlan | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/26/09
Students at University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill made national headlines last week when they confronted the racist ex-congressman Tom Tancredo.
BY staff | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/18/09
After the April 14th demonstration against former Republican representative Tom Tancredo, which involved two hundred students from numerous organizations, solidarity letters have poured in applauding the protesters’ actions.
BY Kati Ketz | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/16/09
Over 200 protesters gathered here on April 15 to protest a talk given by the racist former congressman Tom Tancredo. Students, faculty and staff were in the streets and the lobby of the building chanting, “Shut it down - no racists in our town!”
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