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BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 5/18/10
The Chop from the Top Coalition at the University of Minnesota, which includes undergraduate & graduate students, staff and faculty, blasted the budget proposal that University President Bob Bruinicks presented at a meeting of the Board of Regents, May 14th.
BY Jeremy Miller | Asheville, NC | 5/14/10
Over 300 people gathered to protest hate crimes in Asheville, North Carolina. The protesters began in the Montford District of Asheville, chanting, "Queer or straight, we don't hate!"
BY Grace Kelley | Minneapolis, MN | 5/04/10
On April 28, the Save Our School and Chop from the Top coalitions held a community forum called “The People’s State of the University” in Coffman Memorial Union at the University of Minnesota.
BY Kosta Harlan | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/23/10
At a press conference here on April 21, students expressed their outrage that the racist ex-congressperson, Tom Tancredo, has been invited to return to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus for a speaking event on April 26, hosted by a right-wing youth organization.
BY Jess Sundin | Minnesota | 4/23/10
Morning rush hour drivers into downtown Minneapolis were greeted by several banners across the interstates reading, "Jobs not war" and "Recruiters lie people die." This was the start of Zero Recruitment Day (ZRD), where more than 150 people protested at six military recruiting sites in Minnesota.
BY Jacob Flom | Milwaukee, WI | 4/18/10
The Milwaukee 16 went to court to plead not guilty, April 15. Outside, a host of TV cameras and news crews were covering their case. When asked to comment on the case, the lawyers and arrestees demanded, “Drop the charges!”
BY staff | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/18/09
After the April 14th demonstration against former Republican representative Tom Tancredo, which involved two hundred students from numerous organizations, solidarity letters have poured in applauding the protesters’ actions.
BY Kati Ketz | Chapel Hill, NC | 4/16/09
Over 200 protesters gathered here on April 15 to protest a talk given by the racist former congressman Tom Tancredo. Students, faculty and staff were in the streets and the lobby of the building chanting, “Shut it down - no racists in our town!”
BY staff | Asheville, NC | 4/13/09
Recruiters from the U.S. Army thought they could sneak past University of North Carolina-Asheville (UNCA) progressives and radicals to recruit for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right away, the local Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) chapter was notified and several others mobilized to block their access to potential recruits outside the dining hall on the UNCA campus.
BY Jeremy Miller | Asheville, NC | 8/27/08
August 16, 2008, 200 protesters gathered in Pack Square, downtown Asheville NC, to march and rally against the raiding tactics of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
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