Sunday November 28, 2021
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BY staff | Arizona | 4/27/10
Fight Back News Service is making available the video Arizona Resiste, which shows some of the inspiring struggles that took place in Arizona before the anti-immigrant Jim Crow type bill SB1070, was signed into law.
SB 1070
BY James Jordan | Tucson, AZ | 4/24/10
Arizona’s Apartheid bill, SB1070, was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, April 23. The law gives local and state police the authority to stop anyone, anywhere, to demand proof of citizenship based only on “reasonable suspicion.”
BY James Jordan | Tucson, AZ | 4/23/10
“They have every right to be here. This is about civil rights. And the youth are leading the way.” Those were the words of Pima County Board of Supervisors Chair Richard Elias as we talked across the street from where over 100 students had gathered to protest Arizona’s SB1070 - the harshest, most anti-immigrant legislation in the country.
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