Monday March 27, 2023
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BY Cecelia O’ Brien | Athens, GA | 8/22/12
The Eastern contingent of Students for a Democratic Society’s Southern Tour visited the University of Georgia-Athens on August 21.
BY staff | Athens, GA | 8/21/12
Student organizers from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), in anticipation of one of the largest demonstrations Florida will see in years, are eager to share their plans with students and activists who will be traveling to Tampa next week for the march on the RNC.
BY Fight Back! Editors | United States | 8/19/12
In April of 2012, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did a report on the impact of Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, which was later passed by the House of Representatives, on health care.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 8/15/12
Standing in front of a wall of TV cameras and reporters, organizers from Coalition to March on the RNC spoke at a press conference here, August 14, giving important updates on the plans for the massive August 27 march that will coincide with the opening day of the Republican National Convention.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 8/11/12
Starting on August 18, members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) will kick off a major, week-long effort to build for the August 27 protest at the Republican National Convention, by visiting college campuses in the Southern region of the U.S.
BY staff | San Francisco, CA | 8/02/12
While millions of retired Americans are struggling to make ends meet and millions more working people who have been laid off don’t know how or if they can ever afford to retire, laid-off corporate executives are living in another world.
BY Jared Hamil | Tampa, FL | 7/31/12
Across Florida, groups with the Coalition to March on the RNC protested as part of a statewide day of action on July 27.
BY Mick Kelly | Minneapolis, MN | 7/28/12
Twin Cities activists came together for a fundraising party here, July 27, to help pay the transportation costs for the vans that are heading to the massive march on the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 6/20/12
About 50 people from across the country gathered here June 16, on the University of South Florida campus, for the Coalition to March on the Republican National Convention Organizers Conference.
BY Marisol Marquez | Tampa, FL | 4/10/12
Organizers for the Coalition to March on the RNC held a press conference today, April 10, outside City Hall in Tampa.
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