Monday December 6, 2021
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BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 6/09/08
The Welfare Rights Committee held a protest outside the Hennepin county welfare office, June 8.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 12/02/07
Members of the Twin Cities based Welfare Rights Committee picketed at the governors mansion, Nov. 20 to, “put Governor Pawlenty on notice that, in the 2008 legislative session, we will fight his every attempt to take poor families’ money.”
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 6/20/06
Low-income people from the Twin Cities and Duluth came to the governor’s mansion, July 19, to serve an eviction notice.
BY Deb Konechne | St. Paul, MN | 9/01/05
Low-income Minnesotans waged a powerful battle at the Minnesota state legislature this year that resulted in poor and working families making gains in healthcare and welfare.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 11/30/04
Members of the Welfare Rights Committee at the governor’s mansion mock Minnesota’s Governor Pawlenty - who is portrayed as a king serving a holiday meal of budget cuts to the poor.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 6/01/04
Minnesota state politicians were forced into a corner this spring.
BY Kim DeFranco | St. Paul, MN | 4/02/04
“Fund human needs, not corporate greed! What side do you stand on?
BY Mick Kelly | St. Paul, MN | 2/04/04
Braving one of the worst blizzards in recent memory, low-income people converged on the state capitol, Feb 2, to demand that lawmakers undo the cuts to public assistance.
BY Linden Gawboy | St. Paul, MN | 9/27/03
A team of Welfare Rights Committee members marched up with the ladder and put it against the iron gate of the Minnesota governor’s mansion, Sept. 24.
BY Brad Sigal | Minneapolis, MN | 3/03/03
More than 150 clerical workers at the University of Minnesota protested Governor Tim Pawlenty when he came to campus on Feb. 28.
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