Monday September 26, 2022
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BY Kim DeFranco | St. Paul, MN | 7/26/00
The MN Welfare Rights Coalition (MN WRC) won a victory at the State Capital in the 2000 legislative session.
BY Deb Konechne | St. Paul, MN | 4/20/00
Low-income people from around Minnesota are carrying out a powerful fightback against anti-poor politicians at the State Capitol.
BY Kim DeFranco | Duluth, Minnesota | 10/19/99
More than 100 people, from across the state, came to the governor's mansion on August 20 to demand that Governor Ventura "stop the time clock" on the 5-year limit on welfare.
BY Deb Konechne | St. Paul, MN | 7/19/99
More than 100 low-income protesters laid siege to the office of Reform Party Governor, Jesse Ventura, on April 23. Organizers from the Minnesota Welfare Rights Coalition demanded Ventura address the disaster caused by the new welfare reform program, the Minnesota Family Investment Plan (MFIP).
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