Wednesday September 28, 2022
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BY Whitney Wildman | Saint Paul, MN | 9/18/22
On September 16, the newly formed Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition (MNAAC) held its second action outside of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s residence. MNAAC demanded that state officials put an end to state funding for crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and other manipulative, anti-abortion organizations throughout the state.
BY Siobhan Moore | Minneapolis, MN | 8/30/22
Chants of “When abortion rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!” could be heard up and down Chicago Avenue and 41st Streets in South Minneapolis on Thursday, August 18, as 40 protesters gathered outside the Tandem Family Resource Center - one of Minnesota’s now-infamous “crisis pregnancy centers” - for a rally for women’s and reproductive rights.
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