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BY Kati McIntyre | Chicago, IL | 3/04/11
Students in over 20 cities, including over a dozen SDS chapters, from Florida to California rallied on March 2 in support of education rights and unions in Wisconsin as part of a national day of action for accessible education.
BY Students for a Democratic Society | United States | 2/16/11
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Students for a Democratic Society, urging participation in the March 2 education rights protests.
BY Grace Kelley | Minneapolis, MN | 10/20/10
University of Minnesota students gathered for a press conference Oct. 20 outside the administration building. The event, organized by Students for a Democratic Society, focused on Students for a Democratic Society’s ongoing campaign for education rights and challenged the administration’s attacks on student cultural centers currently occupying space in the campus student union.
BY Chapin Gray | United States | 10/07/10
Thousands of students, faculty, and campus workers on over 40 different campuses took action today, Oct. 7, to fight back against the cuts to education. Across the country, people are saying ‘no!’ to the cuts to education, to furloughs and layoffs, to tuition and fee hikes, to cuts to programs and services, and to privatization schemes. The protests are part of a unified day of action in defense of public education.
BY Ben Rothschild | Urbana, IL | 10/04/10
On September 23rd, the Board of Trustees for the University of Illinois met in Urbana, on the flagship state university campus, to approve budgetary operations for fiscal year 2011. The University of Illinois has come under recent criticism for its mismanagement of University funds and mistreatment of University employees.
BY Daniel Ginsberg | Milwaukee, WI | 9/08/10
Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the movement for education rights at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is celebrating a victory just as school begins. UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago declared he is resigning by October 1, 2010.
BY staff | Milwaukee, WI | 7/05/10
The Milwaukee 16, the students who were arrested at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) on March 4, the National Day of Action to Defend Education, have achieved victory. On June 29, the University offered to drop the charges and the investigation into the conduct of the UWM campus police continues.
BY Jacob Flom | Milwaukee, WI | 5/05/10
A forum on education rights held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) drew 300 people to hear a debate between Chancellor Santiago and the Education Rights Campaign.
BY David Hungerford | Newark, NJ | 4/28/10
Thousands of high school students in New Jersey walked out of their schools on April 27 to oppose $820 million in cuts to state aid by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
BY Daniel Ginsberg | Milwaukee, WI | 3/12/10
On March 11, over 70 students, professors and teachers assistants picketed outside the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee chancellor’s office, as several organizers met inside with the chancellor to demand that he drop the threat of academic punishment for the 16 student protesters who were arrested during the March 4 National Day of Action for Education Rights.
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