Monday March 27, 2023
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BY staff | Baltimore | 2/05/22
Dozens of protesters gathered on February 5 in downtown Baltimore to speak out against a possible U.S./NATO war on Russia and Donbass. Speakers called on the U.S. government to fight COVID and poverty instead of Russia.
BY staff | Donbass, Ukraine | 12/31/14
Fight Back! interviewed one of the founders of International Students Aid to Donbass (ISAD), who wished to remain anonymous.
Donbass, Keiv, Ukraine
BY Joe Iosbaker | Moscow, Russia | 12/14/14
A group of anti-war activists from the U.S. is in Russia at an international conference entitled “The Right of Nations to Self-Determination and the Struggle for a Multi-Polar World.” At the conference was a young man who goes by the name Maxsim, who is part of the people’s defense forces in Lugansk, Ukraine. Maxsim sat down with U.S. activists for an interview about the anti-fascist resistance to the coup government in Kiev.
Donbass, NATO, Ukraine
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