Monday March 20, 2023
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BY staff | Milwaukee, WI | 1/10/21
On the morning of January 10, a coalition of left-wing organizations and community groups came together in downtown Milwaukee to put forward a people’s alternative to the chaos of the past week in the U.S. Capitol.
BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 1/06/21
This afternoon, January 6, racist and reactionary supporters of President Trump followed up a rally at the White House by marching and seizing the U.S. capitol building.
BY Dozthor Zurlent | Venezuela | 11/23/20
In spite of its decline as the superpower of the world, the United States continues to be the major imperial power of the planet. It is inevitable then, that most major mass media outlets of the world, as well as the world’s citizens, closely follow electoral processes in the U.S.
Donald Trump
BY Communist Party of the Philippines | Philippines | 11/08/20
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Nov. 8 statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).
BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 11/04/20
The world is watching as Americans vote to defeat Trump and the Republican agenda of racism, discrimination and oppression. Of course, the system already cheated the American people back in 2016. Trump lost the popular vote but was declared U.S. president by the elitist Electoral College system. Now Donald Trump threatens to be at it again, trying to lie, cheat and steal his way back into the White House.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 10/31/20
Activists and community members in Tampa and around the country plan to meet the November 3 election with protests on November 4 to fight for the defeat of Donald Trump and against white supremacy across the country.
BY Wyatt Miller | Minneapolis, MN | 10/24/20
On October 20, the Minnesota Anti-War Committee (AWC) held an online discussion on the foreign policies of President Donald Trump and his rival in the upcoming election, former Vice President Joe Biden. Members of the longstanding Twin Cities-based street protest group compared the platforms and records of each candidate from an anti-war perspective.
BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 9/07/20
President Trump is a right-wing reactionary and dangerous fool to boot.
BY staff | Oshkosh, WI | 8/18/20
On the afternoon of August 17, a large crowd of people marched and rallied to protest the arrival of President Donald Trump at Wittman Airport.
BY staff | Oshkosh, WI | 8/14/20
The people of Wisconsin learned only days ago that President Donald Trump would be making his third visit to the state since the start of 2020, this time to the city of Oshkosh. Each previous time Trump came, to Milwaukee and then to Green Bay/Marinette, he was met by protests. This visit will be no different.
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