Monday December 5, 2022
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BY staff | Tallahassee | 2/19/22
On February 16, organizations from around the state came to Tallahassee to stand up for reproductive rights and against HB5. On that day, the Florida House debated the unconstitutional and restrictive anti-abortion bill, HB5.
BY staff | Denver, CO | 11/21/21
On November 16, students gathered on Auraria Campus to stand against attacks on reproductive rights. The event was held by Denver Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and The Brazen Project.
BY staff | Denver, CO | 5/01/21
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) rallied here April 29, as a part of their campaign to disarm and defund the Auraria Campus Police Department.
BY staff | Denver, CO | 3/03/20
Denver Students for a Democratic Society hosted local Denver activist Shareef Aleem for an event about radical Black history in the U.S., Feb. 25, as a part of Black History Month.
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