Saturday April 17, 2021
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BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 8/07/11
Thirty U.S. troops were killed when Taliban forces shot down their helicopter over Afghanistan Aug. 6. The helicopter crash was the most deadly single incident for the U.S. military forces in Afghanistan since the war began nearly ten years ago in 2001.
BY Chris Manor | Salt Lake City, UT | 3/23/11
Students, military veterans and anti-war activists rallied here March 19 for the National Day of Action Against War.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 3/21/11
More than 600 people marched and rallied here, March 19, calling for an end to the U.S. war in Afghanistan and an end to the continued U.S. occupation of Iraq.
BY staff | Milwaukee, WI | 3/21/11
150 people protested here, March 19, to demand an end to the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 3/20/11
1000 people rallied and marched here March 19 to mark the eighth anniversary of the war in Iraq.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 3/17/11
Anti-war events will be held in over 50 cities across the U.S. on March 19, calling for an end to the U.S. war in Afghanistan, an end to the continued U.S. occupation of Iraq and for a redirection of resources from war to human needs.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/20/10
Over 150 people lined the sidewalks here Oct. 16 with protest signs and banners calling for an end to the war Oct. 16, the ninth anniversary of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The Minneapolis event was held in solidarity with other anti-war events in cities across the U.S. Oct. 7-16 to call for an end to the war in Afghanistan. Peace groups have been holding vigils, rallies and other activities to speak out against the war.
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