Saturday March 28, 2015
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Student Movement

staff | Minneapolis, MN | 3/05/10
About 500 union members, students, and faculty, came together for a spirited rally and march here, March 4.
Masao Suzuki | San Bruno, CA | 3/05/10
Hundreds of Skyline College students left class and gathered on the campus quad for their Day of Action protest against budget cuts, on March 4.
staff | Chicago, IL | 3/04/10
There was a forceful protest of over 250 people at the University of Illinois-Chicago who came out to defend education and to fight for fair contracts,...
Kati Ketz | United States | 3/04/10
Thousands of students, workers and faculty at over 100 campuses in at least 39 states participated in a national day of action March 4.
staff | Milwaukee, WI | 3/04/10
18 arrested, 250 rally for education rights at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for the March 4 National Day of Action for Education Rights.
Charla Schlueter | Los Angeles, CA | 3/04/10
Taking action on March 4, hundreds of students, campus workers, and their supporters filled the hallways outside the chancellor's office, in Murphy...
Charla Schlueter | Los Angeles, CA | 3/04/10
The fight for public education at UCLA began early this morning, March 4.
Network to Fight for Economic Justice | Tuscaloosa, AL | 3/03/10
The women and men who drive the buses at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa need your support and solidarity. They are sick and tired of getting paid $9...
Eric Gardner | California | 3/02/10
As the March 4 Day of Action draws closer, campuses across California are getting restless. The latest series of struggles began Feb. 24, on the campus of...
Jenae Stainer | Tuscaloosa, AL | 3/02/10
On March 1, the University of Alabama Crimson Ride shuttle bus drivers began a strike in order to gain a living wage, benefits, job security and respect...