Monday March 20, 2023
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BY J. Sykes | United States | 3/12/23
Given the trajectory of Trotsky’s line on the USSR, it shouldn’t surprising that his theories missed the mark on China as well.
BY J. Sykes | United States | 2/26/23
Trotsky argued, before and after the revolution of 1917, that building socialism in one country was impossible, and that the success of the revolution was dependent on the immediate expansion of the revolution to Western Europe.
BY J. Sykes | United States | 2/19/23
One of the main pillars of Trotskyism is the denial of the possibility of building socialism in a single country.
BY J. Sykes | United States | 2/13/23
The disagreement between Trotsky’s “absurdly Left” (according to Lenin) theory of “Permanent Revolution” and the Leninist theory of revolution in two stages boils down to the question of how to deal with the question of the peasantry.
BY J. Sykes | United States | 2/05/23
What is the role of this “permanent revolution” theory within Trotskyism, and why is it “absurdly Left,” as Lenin says?
BY J. Sykes | United States | 1/31/23
The Trotskyites always paint Trotsky as the true inheritor of the revolutionary legacy of Lenin. This is pure opportunism.
BY J. Sykes | United States | 1/22/23
Trotskyism has been one of the most persistent and damaging opportunist ideological opponents of Marxism-Leninism within the left.
BY J. Sykes | United States | 12/24/22
After waging revolution from 1927 to 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed from Tiananmen Gate that “the Chinese people have stood up!”
BY J. Sykes | United States | 12/21/22
How is it possible that the Soviet Union, bastion of socialism and proletarian internationalism, collapsed in 1991?
BY J. Sykes | United States | 12/11/22
As Marxist-Leninists in the United States, we can draw lessons from the experiences of others in carrying out revolution and building socialism.
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