Monday March 1, 2021
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BY Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 8/02/14
On the evening of July 31, a dozen activists rallied outside the Tucson District Court of Arizona in an emergency action supporting Rasmea Odeh and Palestine.
BY staff | Tampa, Fl | 8/02/14
Local anti-war activists met in front of the Sam Gibbons Federal Courthouse on Aug. 1 to demand, “Drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh!”
BY Tom Burke | Detroit, MI | 8/01/14
As Rasmea Odeh appeared at the U.S. Court in Detroit here July 31, 120 supporters made a long picket line near the front steps. The crowd held big posters with Odeh’s photo saying, “I support Rasmea!”
Rasmea Odeh
BY staff | Grand Rapids, MI | 7/20/14
Close to 100 people celebrated Nelson Mandela Day here over the weekend.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 7/19/14
In a major development, attorneys for Palestinian community leader Rasmea Odeh filed a motion July 14, calling for Judge Paul D. Borman to recuse himself from the case.
BY Jafe Arnoldski | Tucson, AZ | 7/16/14
On July 11 more than 60 people protested Israel’s war of terror against the Palestinian people.
BY staff | San José, California | 6/11/14
On June 10, the South Bay Committee Against Political Repression (South Bay CAPR), the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, and Justice for Palestinians sponsored a rally at the Martin Luther King, Junior library in support of Rasmea Odeh.
Rasmea Odeh
BY Justin Richardson | Salt Lake City, UT | 6/08/14
Activists gathered at the Salt Lake City Public Library on June 4 to hear Tom Burke, of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 5/29/14
A group of Tampa activists gathered at the intersection of 56th Street and Fowler Avenue, May 27, to show support for Rasmea Odeh, an Arab American leader in Chicago. Cars honked and people waved as the activists chanted, "From Tampa to Palestine, solidarity is not a crime!"
Rasmea Odeh
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 5/28/14
Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian American organizer from Chicago, appeared in U.S. District Court here for a status hearing, May 28, along with her new attorney, Michael Deutsch of the People’s Law Office. Deutsch filed an official appearance as Odeh’s representative and was granted a continuance on her trial until Oct. 21.
Rasmea Odeh
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