Monday December 10, 2018
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“The charter schools are working educators to the bone, yet still not adequately staffing our classrooms. This isn’t fair to the students or the teachers, and we’re not going to take it,” states Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Charter Division Chairman Chris Baehrend.
BY Redacción | Mexico City, Mexico | 3/15/18
¡Lucha y Resiste! entrevistó a Ibai Redondo, un representante del sindicato de maestros que forma parte de la federación sindical Langile Abertzaleen Batzordeak (LAB) en el País Vasco.
País Vasco
BY Redacción | Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico | 3/12/18
El 5 de marzo Lucha y Resiste entrevistó a Niurka González Orberá, Secretaria General del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación, la Ciencia y el Deporte (SNTECD).
Union educators at Passages Charter School announced that they will formally strike - and hit the picket lines, on May 25, if they are unable to reach a decent contract agreement with charter management by midnight, May 24.
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