Saturday March 25, 2023
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People's Struggles

staff | New York, NY | 2/20/23
Nearly three years after the George Floyd uprising of 2020, New York City’s Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) has released the findings of its...
Logan Praneis | Minneapolis, MN | 2/19/23
On February 19, around 100 protesters and community members gathered at the Roof Depot site in the East Phillips neighborhood to protest the impending...
J. Sykes | United States | 2/19/23
One of the main pillars of Trotskyism is the denial of the possibility of building socialism in a single country.
staff | New York City, NY | 2/19/23
On Saturday, February 18, the Black Is Back Coalition hosted an all-day webinar, focusing on the FBI’s history of attacking Black and African people as...
Stop FBI
staff | Syria | 2/18/23
On Monday morning 6th of February, a massive earthquake reaching 7.8 degrees on the Richter scale struck the region of southern Turkey – north Syria,...
Simon Rowe | Tampa, FL | 2/18/23
February 19 is the 55th anniversary of 35,000 Florida teachers submitting their resignations in the United States’ first statewide teachers strike.
Kim DeFranco | Minneapolis, MN | 2/18/23
On February 14, 20 people rallied at the office of Senator Klobuchar in the pouring rain.
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 2/17/23
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the University of Minnesota chapter of Students for a Democratic Society
Mira Altobell-Resendez | Minneapolis, MN | 2/15/23
15 University of Minnesota students and staff members gathered in the rain outside of UMN’s Morrill Hall on February 14 for a Valentine’s Day-themed rally...
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 2/15/23
Statement by the Climate Justice Committee, Minnesota