Saturday January 28, 2023
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People's Struggles

Alejandro Orellana | Los Angeles, CA | 1/15/23
On Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles, a community is devastated and concerned over a recent string of building fires that have destroyed buildings...
staff | New York, NY | 1/14/23
Around 60 people gathered in the historic Saint Mary's Episcopal Church in Harlem to honor the legacy of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. on what would...
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 1/12/23
For nearly 20 years, the steadfast fighter for Palestinian liberation and general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa...
Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 1/12/23
On December 7, a month of people’s protests was kicked off when democratically-elected President Pedro Castillo, a former union educator and strike leader...
staff | Denver, CO | 1/12/23
On January 4, Denver police officer Brandon Ramos was indicted by a grand jury for his actions on July 17, 2022.
staff | Saint Paul, MN | 1/11/23
More than 100 people supporting the “drivers license for all” bill, House File 4, packed the House Transportation Finance and Policy Committee’s morning...
staff | Rockville, MD | 1/11/23
A supermajority of quality assurance workers at Microsoft’s ZeniMax Studios have indicated January 2 that they wish to join ZeniMax Workers United/CWA,...
staff | Greece | 1/11/23
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the influential Greek labor organization, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME).
staff | New York, NY | 1/09/23
On December 30, nurses at eight hospitals, including New York City’s largest, representing approximately 16,000 members submitted their ten-day notice to...
Tom Burke | Chicago, IL | 1/08/23
2022 was a banner year for the Venezuelan economy.