Wednesday September 20, 2017
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People's Struggles

staff | Austin, TX | 9/02/17
A Texas law known as Senate Bill 4 will take effect Sept. 1, except for the parts blocked by a federal judge. The law will do serious harm to the...
staff | Austin, TX | 9/02/17
A major march, and concert, is planned for Saturday, Sept. 2, here, against Texas's Senate Bill 4.
staff | Dallas, TX | 8/31/17
As of Thursday evening, August 31, most gas stations in the greater Dallas area are out of gasoline.
gas prices
staff | Los Angeles, CA | 8/31/17
Greeted by enthusiastic Centro CSO members, home-cooked food, and Chicano liberation music, history and politics, more than 60 participants gathered to...
David Archuleta | Tucson, AZ | 8/29/17
On August 26, the immigrant rights action group L.U.P.E. (Lucha Unida de Padres y Estudiantes) hosted a community celebration of the historic Chicano...
staff | Utrecht, Netherlands | 8/27/17
Fight Back! interviewed Jose Maria Sison, the founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, August 19, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
staff | Gaza, Palestine | 8/27/17
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following August 27 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).
Fabian Van Onzin | Ljubljana, Slovenia | 8/26/17
Although socialism ended in Yugoslavia over 25 years ago, the relics of its socialist past can be found across the former republics, in its cities, its...
staff | Ischia, Italy | 8/26/17
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following August 25 statement from the World Federation of Trade Unions.
earthquake, Italy
staff | Tucson, AZ | 8/26/17
Regarding the August 25 pardon that President Trump gave to the ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, Stteffanny Cott from the Tucson immigrant rights action group L.U.P...