Monday August 15, 2022
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People's Struggles

J. Sykes | United States | 5/01/22
In our study of the three laws of dialectics presented by Engels, we’ve examined the law of contradiction and the law of the transformation of quantity...
Mick Kelly, Fight Back! Editor | United States | 5/01/22
On this May Day 2022 Fight Back! is proud to announce the release of the first episode of its podcast Fight Back! Radio.
Jo Poeschl | Minneapolis, MN | 4/30/22
80 people rallied and marched, April 23, to celebrate Earth Day in Minneapolis, despite rain clouds. The was organized by the Climate Justice Committee...
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 4/29/22
n April 25, over 130 people came to an emergency protest to show outrage over the recent Israeli military attacks on worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque and...
Chrisley Carpio | Tampa, FL | 4/28/22
Over 150 protesters gathered on the corner of 56th Street and Fowler Avenue on April 23 in Tampa, Florida, to show their support for the people of...
Delilah Pierre | Tallahassee, FL | 4/28/22
On March 22, Florida State University’s Graduate Assistants United (GAU) marched to Wescott and demanded FSU change their policies around COVID-19.
staff | New Orleans, LA | 4/27/22
On Tuesday, April 19, baristas at the Starbucks café on Maple Street filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a union election. Fight...
staff | Tampa, FL | 4/26/22
The Tampa community has struggled for an end to the housing crisis since the eviction moratoriums ended last year. With this year’s midterm elections...
Cassandra Swart | Dallas, TX | 4/25/22
On April 23, around 100 people rallied against Israel's recent attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site of Islam.
staff | Philippines | 4/25/22
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following April 24 statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines.