Saturday January 22, 2022
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People's Struggles

staff | Caracas, Venezuela | 8/13/21
Venezuela has one of the strongest gender laws of any country in the world. The laws strongly protect women, so men are held accountable and cannot hurt...
Aodhan Bowman | Green Bay, WI | 8/12/21
On August 7, concerned community members gathered to demand a stop to the Enbridge oil pipelines Line 3 and Line 5.
staff | Los Angeles, CA | 8/11/21
Local activists with the Chicanx Moratorium Committee and families who have lost loved ones to LA Sheriff's killings held a press conference on...
staff | Caracas, Venezuela | 8/09/21
Geovanni Peña, the director of the National Institute of Prevention, Health and Worker Safety, states, “Capitalism is the biggest reason for COVID deaths...
Drake Thomas Myers | Minneapolis, MN | 8/08/21
On August 5, 60 people gathered alongside Washington Avenue near Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Minneapolis office to demand an end of U.S. aid to apartheid...
Katherine Gould | Minneapolis, MN | 8/08/21
On August 4, over 30 people gathered on an Interstate 35W overpass, near the office of Biden ally Senator Amy Klobuchar. Via signage, song and chants,...
staff | Maracay City, Venezuela | 8/08/21
In the worker-controlled Venezuelan Kellogg factory, you see the workers working diligently to make corn flake and sugary cereals in a new package...
staff | Brookwood, AL | 8/05/21
Coal miners who work at the Warrior Met Coal mine held a large rally on August 4 in Brookwood, Alabama.
staff | Caracas, Venezuela | 8/03/21
The bustling streets of Caracas are full of masked people, during “open week.” You hear Latin music flowing from the stores, children playing soccer and...
Austin Dewey | United States | 8/03/21
Biden has been portraying the drawdown of U.S. troops as a sign of victory in Afghanistan, but the truth is that resistance forces are winning.