Wednesday November 25, 2015
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People's Struggles

Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 10/20/15
It is with great sorrow that we in Freedom Road Socialist Organization learned of the passing of the outstanding revolutionary, Nelson Peery. We extend...
staff | Chicago, IL | 10/19/15
Over 4000 people, mainly Palestinians, marched here today to condemn recent Israeli aggression against Palestinians.
staff | Los Angeles, CA | 10/18/15
During rush hour, Oct. 13, two dozen people gathered in front of the Los Angeles federal building to demand justice for Rasmea Odeh.
Michela Martinazzi | Tampa, FL | 10/17/15
Around 20 activists gathered in front of the Sam M. Gibbons Federal courthouse, Oct. 15 carrying a Palestinian flag and holding signs reading, “Justice...
Rasmea Odeh
staff | Palestine | 10/17/15
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Oct. 15 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
staff | United States | 10/16/15
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following resolution adopted by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Oct. 11, at their national convention.
Ian Gallagher | Philadelphia, PA | 10/16/15
On Oct. 15 faculty and students at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) stood in solidarity with professor Divya Nair, who teaches English....
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/15/15
On Oct. 13 protesters packed the Board of Education located on West Broadway Avenue in the heart of North Minneapolis.
Michael Sampson | Baltimore, MD | 10/15/15
On the night of Oct. 14, over 50 Black youth protesters stormed Baltimore City Hall, demanding police accountability.
Rasmea Defense Committee | United States | 10/15/15
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Oct. 14 statement from the Rasmea Defense Committee.