Friday January 20, 2017
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People's Struggles

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine | Palestine | 11/03/12
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Michela Martinazzi | Gainesville, FL | 11/02/12
70 student activists from all over the country arrived in sunny Gainesville, Florida to attend the annual Students for a Democratic Society National...
staff | Chicago, IL | 10/31/12
How is Sarah Chambers feeling after the historic victory of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) strike? “There are two ways to answer: I’m tired, but I’m...
Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Florida District | Florida | 10/29/12
In the November elections, Florida will be a major battleground in the people’s fight-back against budget cuts, the war on women and the struggle to...
Brad Sigal | New York, NY | 10/29/12
As the ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy approached New York City, Mayor Bloomberg announced plans for mandatory evacuations of the areas of the city most...
staff | Washington D.C. | 10/29/12
The U.S. Supreme Court entered an order declining the appeal of the Holy Land Five, Oct. 29. This rejection comes with no explanation.
Peter Adamczak | Milwaukee, WI | 10/29/12
On Oct. 22, more than 50 members of Milwaukee community gathered at the DNR office on the Northeast side of Milwaukee to conduct a People’s Tribunal, with...
Corey Uhl | Tampa, FL | 10/27/12
On Oct. 25, the Tampa Committee to Stop FBI Repression held a solidarity event to support the Holy Land Five on the corner of Fowler Avenue and 56th...
staff | Chicago, IL | 10/25/12
On Oct. 25, wind gusts of over 30 miles an hour almost tore the banner from the hands of supporters of the Holy Land Five. 20 activists gathered for a...
Workers Party of Belgium | Belgium | 10/24/12
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Workers Party of Belgium (PTB).