Friday June 2, 2023
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People's Struggles

Serena Sojic-Borne | Havana, Cuba | 5/18/23
It’s hard to imagine when you live under state governments banning gender-affirming healthcare, but 100 miles off of Florida’s shore is an island striking...
staff | Appleton, WI | 5/18/23
On May 16, a dozen community members gathered outside the Outagamie County Government Center in Appleton on short notice.
Simon Rowe | Tampa, FL | 5/18/23
On May 17, over 40 people rallied outside a courthouse in support of the Tampa 5 during their arraignment.
Tampa 5
Mantak Singh | Seattle, WA | 5/18/23
On May 12, the Progressive Student Union held a counterprotest outside of a “free speech” conference at the University of Washington hosted by Huskies for...
Audari Tamayo | Appleton, WI | 5/17/23
On Monday, May 15, Appleton Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) unfurled a banner in the Lawrence University Warch Campus Center to mark the 75th...
David Jones | Atlanta, GA | 5/16/23
Several activists were arrested and charged with felonies for the crime of hanging up flyers demanding justice for Manuel “Tortuguita'' Terán, a...
Cop City
William Schroeder | Milwaukee, WI | 5/16/23
On Sunday, May 7, 150 people gathered for the annual commemoration of the Bay View Massacre. 137 years ago, in May 1886, over 14,000 union workers...
staff | Denver, CO | 5/16/23
A dozen concerned residents rallied Saturday, May 13, to demand justice in the case of a police shooting that wounded seven last summer.
staff | Tampa, FL | 5/16/23
Fight Back! News is circulating the following call to action from Students for a Democratic Society
Tampa 5
staff | Turkey | 5/16/23
Fight Back News Service is circulating the Labor Party of Turkey (EMEP).